Hillman Imp Caledonian

This web page is devoted to the special edition Caledonian version of the Hillman Imp.

What is a Caledonian?

The Caledonian was a special edition Hillman Imp made from 1975 until March 1976.

What was so "special" about the Caledonian?

The Caledonian differed from the imp deluxe on which it was based in that it had a lot of optional extras added as standard,.The adverts at the time proclaimed that  these extras saved £166 on adding them to a standard deluxe.  These included, sport wheel trims, bumper over riders, door mirrors, radio and ariel and reversing lights.

However the Caledonian was more special than that as only the Caledonian came with white sticker stripes down the side and unique tartan inspired seats. Lots of people hate these seats and I have seen many Caledonians with the tartan seats replaced.

Why, Where and When?

Why? There are various theories surrounding the question; why was the Caledonian made.

One thought is that a bunch of poorly painted imps were returned by the dealers in 1975. These were then repainted red, had the extra goodies added and then sold as Special Edition Caledonians.

Another is that they were conceived as a marketing idea to try and shift a lot of cars at the end of the imps production life utilising parts from the parts bin.  This seems more plausable and is a trick used by many manufactures when phasing out a model.

What is known is that the Caledonian was a deliberatly marketd special edition imp produced by the manufacturer.

Where? All 2000 Caledonians were built at the plant in Linwood, Scotland.

When? The Caledonian was available from October 1975 until the end of production in March 1976, although a few were registered in the months after this.  All Caledonians were P reg in the UK and all were Cherry Red.