There were circa 2000 Caledonians made. The Imp Club hold a register of cars that have been known to them over the years, and there are around 170 on the list. That's less than 10% of production.  However,  I suspect only a fraction of those on the list are still around. When I started this web page a few months ago I believed there were  20 survivors, however I have since been contacted by owners and found many more.

I would like to know if there are any more out there.  I search them out at car shows and take a photo when I see one and so far I have found 10 more cars not on the clubs list. One has been exported to Japan and another to Repulic of Ireland.  If you have a Caledonian or know of one I would love to know about it and add the photo to this web page. No information on the owner or location are ever published.  I know of  over 30 still around, but there must be more hidden away somewhere surely?

Some survivors are shown below....... Are there any more out there?

LLJ 752P. Spotted at Imp International August 2012. This Caledonian was now back on the road after being off the road for 20 years. The car had a low mileage and was slowly being resfubished by it's new owner. Great to see another Caledonian on the road.

PYA 241P. Again spotted at Imp International in August 2012. This Caledonian was absolutley stunning in every respect. A true credit to it's owners. Every detail seemed to be to factory specification. This vehicle has recently been sold in 2017 and is now in Scotland.

LCU 565P. I saw this Caledonian advertised for sale at East Anglia Motor Auctions. Nice looking car.  

MFX 928P I saw this Caledonian for sale at Imp International. It was in great condition and looked to have been modified with alloy wheels and sports seats. I am sure it may even have had a sportier engine. It was for sale on ebay again in Feb 2013.

LYK 206P. I saw this Caledonian at Imp International 2011 in North Wales. It didn't have the stripes but I recognised it from the reg and the rear reversing lamps and spoke to owner who confirmed it was indeed a genuine Caledonian. This car has just been Motd again June 2013. Great to see another Calidonian back on the road.

NFE 443P. I almost bought this Caledonian last year. It was in a bad way but definately restorable. I believe it was bought by a club member near Blackpool who was undertaking a restoration, however I saw it on ebay last year so ot may have moved on. Whoever onwns it now I wish them the best of luck with it, be nice to see it back on the road. Do get in touch if you know what happened to this Caledonian.

PUS 204P. This photo  was taken back in 1997 at Crail Harbour during Imp 97 event. The car is still around though and is currently being restored again in Scotland.

KVJ 4P. This Caledonian is original in every respect. It only has 20,000 miles on the clock and is in Scotland.

LFP 681P. This was taken at Imp International in Wales in 2011. It didn't have the bumpers or side stripes or front tartan seats but it certainly looks like it could be a Caledonian. Cracking imp nonetheless.

MVL 690P. I think this photo came from the net, perhaps Ebay last year if I remember right. I wonder what happened to it, I presume it got saved. Anyone know?

NNK 708P. The last time I spoke with the owner of this car which is now in Ireland he was thinking of selling it. It came from Weylen Garden City originally. Nice looking car. Hope its still on the road in Ireland, it was in 2011.

MTW 777P. This is a well cared for example and star of the front cover of Impressions magazine in November 2012.

LUX 125P. This is a photo of a photo I took  at the Imp Club national at St Andrews in 1997 I think. There are  plenty of photos of this imp on the net so it looks like it is still around. Nice retro alloys and spots.

NNS 872P. This car was in a large from 2013 to 2012 in Paisley only a few miles from the factory. It is currently being restored.

Real registration unknown, but this car is actually a caledonian that has been resprayed and registered with an older number.  Its a real caledonian at heart though.

MRA 970P. This original Caledonian, has only had one owner and only covered 13,000 miles. It awaits restoration.

MRA 969P. left. This car also awaits restoration.

NVX 664P. This Caledonian has been heavily modified and featured in Retro Cars magazine making the cover. It may not be standard but it is certainly made the Caledonian Model famous.  I took this photo at Imp Cymru in Wales last year I believe.

No image yet

LUE 607P. I am told that this car is being restored after being rescued from a scrap yard.

KJB 886P. This car has now been  restored. It has 27,000 miles on the clock and was first registered on 30th October 1975 so it is one of the very first Caledonians produced. 

MYC 311P is currently in Japan. It has not been verified that it was a Caledonian, however a vistor tells me that it doesn't have any drilled side stripes and is a red 1976 imp on a P plate. The Caledonian model was the only saloon model of the imp not to have holes drilled in side for trim as it had stickers instead of chrome stripes, so I am sure it is a Caledonian.  Any history or other info on this car would be much appreciated.

LOM 844P. I saw this on the web and thought it could have been a Caledonian and a previous owner confirmed this to me. It was red and standard until only a few years ago but as you can see has been heavily modified.   It came up for sale on Ebay a few weeks ago, but I don't know what happened to it.  Did you buy it? Please let me know what your plans are. This is a very rare car indeed, in it's original condition.

PCW 759P was found in 2013 and is currently being restored.  Have you found a Caledonian? Let me know and join our list of survivors.

MYD 955P. This Caledonian was recently discovered and popped up on ebay.  Did you buy it? Please get in touch, as we'd love to hear if it is being restored.

KCC 828P.  No Image yet. The owner was on the site and spotted his car on my missing page and emailed to say that the car is alive and well and being restored.  I look forward to getting a ppicture which I will post here. Best of luck and thanks for getting in touch.

LCJ 955P. This Caledonian poped up for sale in June 2013.  The new owner got in touch in August 2013 to give me the registration and more details. Great to see another Caledonian saved and in enthusiastic hands in Scotland. He plans to restore it to ots former glory with some subtle mods. Best of luck!

LWD 608P. I saw a thread on this Caledonian on the imp club web page some years ago but was unaware of its fate. It's alive and was on ebay for sale in July 2013.  If you bought it please get in touch I'd love to know your plans for the car. Good luck.

MHN 985P. A kind viewer of the site found a photo of this car on a Japanese car site. I seem to remember these photos from Ebay a few years ago and wish I had bought it then. From memory the car was in Cornwall and the photos look like the South Coast of England. Does anyone know where the car is now? Was it snapped up by a Japanese enthusiast or is it still in the UK?. Please let me know if you know the history of this car or if you have found any others. Lets try and find 30.

MCC 607P.  This car was on my missing list. Someone, not the owner, sent me this picture of it saying it is still alive. Given it is taxed until June 2014 it looks like it is indeed a survivor.  If you own this car I'd love to hear from you.  That's 30 known survivors now.

OAW 133P. This Caledonian had been in storage since 1998 and recently came to the market. It was repatriated back to Scotland and was restored by Clark Dawson. Its condition is exceptional now.

NFR 759P. This car popped up on Ebay recently at £3200. Looked a fair price for a solid roadworthy caledonian. If you bought it I'd love to know.

LLP 953P. Again I am told this car still exists and it is still registered with DVLA. Has it survived, is someone restoring it? I'd love to add a photo and hear all about it.

NLA 708P. I heard this car was sold to continental Europe. Is it still out there?

NUR 891P. This Caledonian popped up on Ebay in March 2014.   It has been off the road since 2009. The owner contacted me to give me details of the car and tell me it has sold. If the new owner reads this please get in touch, I'd love to hear what you plan for the car.

MKV 958P. This car popped up on Ebay earlier this year. The owner had made a good start on the restoration but hadn't advertised it as a Caledonian. It most definitely is though.  If you bought it please let me know and keep us up to date on the restoration.

That's the known survivors. If you know of any others please let me know and if one of these is your car and you don't want me to list it, just let me know and I'll take it off.

More survivors?

The following imps are still registered with DVLA. I'd love to hear from the owners and have a picture:

MGT 519P - First registered 1 Dec 1975.

OAW 133P - First registered 1 March 1976 - FOUND -  see above

MPP 230P - First registered 15th Dec 1975

NUR 891P - First registered 28 April 1976 - FOUND see above

MTV 173P - First registered 24 Feb 1976 - Last listed with DVLA July 2012 - is it alive?

MPP 230P - First Registered 15 Dec 1975.

If these car do still exist that would be 35 known survivors, plus possibly......

I saw this Caledonian on the Imp Club web page. It is on my "missing" list. It was last taxed in 2008. Anyone know it's fate?

I also found an old article from Top Gear Magazine in the late 1990s  under the title Crankcase, about a chap in the midlands area called Chris Buckle who has 24 imps in a barn, two of them being caledoinians. I'd love to hear if they have survived.

Please email me with any history or info. I'd also like photos of Caledonians no longer still with us for my other pages, see Scrapped and Missing for more details.

Two Caledonians are clearly visible in the picture. Are they still in the barn?