If you scrapped a Caledonian or know of any scrapped cars then please let us know to help us build up the list so that we can find out what happened to the 2000 cars produced.

Here is the list of the Caledonians no longer with us...

Registration             Registered                        VED expired                 Last seen

MRJ 66P                    17 February 1976           01 March 1988             Warrington

NSG 542P                  No records                                                               Wantage

PNR 952P                   26 February 1976          01 September 1990    Liverpool        

NEX 720P                    17 March 1976               1998                               Norwich

LNE 478P                    No records                                                              Pontefract

MSU 347P                   No records                                                             Glasgow

LCU 390P                    No records                                                             Stokton on Tees

ONF 706R                    No records

OVY 459P                 1 January 1976                  1988                             Selby

Many more to be added...?  But I need the info, so if you scrapped a Caledonian please let me know.

If any of these survived the crusher I'd love to know...drop me a line admin@impcaledonian.co.uk